All I know is a door into the dark



I found out a week after he died, a brief foray onto Facebook where someone had posted about his last words to his wife. I felt sad and tried to remember as many of his words as I could. The wonder of when they fall into place with new meanings.

A Door into the Dark was the first book of his I got hold of. I was 14 and bought it with a Christmas present book token from a book shop located by the market in the centre of Leicester (it’s not there now, it closed before the 1980’s were out, I think). Back then, bookshops seemed to have more poetry in them, but back then, summers seemed longer too so you can’t be sure. This book was full of incredible imagery and discovery, for me, that I still feel when I read them now even though my circumstances are so much different than they were then. Such is the power of words and their pull on the memory.

“All I know is a door into the dark.”

Hand Made Joy

It came from over the sea through the postal service

Hand made joy

I spend a lot of time window shoppng on Etsy. Normally for t-shirts involving bicycles or birds. Sometime bicycles and birds. I’ve been having a bit of a zine binge lately and just got these off of Aijung Kim (who I think is based in Richmond, Virginia). I love the way these zines turn something personal, an absent minded recognition noted in a pocketbook,then redrawn and considered and illustrated later. Brings a whole new life to it all.

I am admittedly a bit giddy for the hand made but when they are diary-esque based like these (even the poetry zines have that kind of feel) they become really touching, comforting even. Check out her Etsy shop here

(I obviously can relate to this image^^^^^)