Stamp of the week…at 51 euros!

Rescued from a parcel for my attention by the good Paul Jones of PWJ Photography this was attached to some crazy paper with a man prepped for full BBQ action. I have no idea why.


Went to the Birmingham Zine Fair yesterday to. Held at We Are Birmingham, it was loads better than the Nottingham one (sorry but it’s true!) with loads of stalls and contributors. We Are Brimingham is a nice airy bright space just a short walk up from the Bullring. There was so much good stuff there it was tricky taking it all in – bombarded with so much imagery! It would have been very easy to wander in and be £80 but before you know it! My stash is below. There was so much more I wanted to get but only so much money I had to spend.

I really did want everything on Luke Pearson‘s stall though.

Though I didn’t get to see it, I talked to a friend about the Home Of Metal exhibition at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Was interested in it anyway but since finding out they’ve got a little section dedicated to Napalm Death, I DEFINITELY want to go there now.

stamp of the week (of oddness)


A regular and mundane stamp for an irregular week for me. Or has it? It’s been a week where regular everyday events just appeared to carry more weight. I turned 40. There was the funeral for my next door neighbour. Friends all sitting together at the end of the garden, chatting about old days as the sun slowly set. Then but two days later in the garden backing onto that, young people celebrating something else, voices raised in high spirits, laughter, singing. Then my eldest daughter leading the orchestra into their final piece at school.

These kind of things happen everyday everywhere – they just seemed to be in a different colour this week.