Stamp of the week

I think I mentioned last week how disappointed I was with the look of this year’s first class Royal Mail stamp. Well this week I received my first letter with one on it.


However, it was what was inside this envelope that was special. A cd from Mark Peter Wright.


I was put onto the path of ‘Where Once We Walked’ by the Twitter stream of Cheryl Tipp, wildlife sounds curator at the British Library –  her Twitter feed is a constant source of audio gold and I recommend everyone to follow her.




‘Where Once We walked ‘ is a sound composition based on recordings gathered from the Polish homes of child Holocaust survivors who came to the Lake District in 1945. It’s an amazing piece of work – the sounds draw you in and take you on a fascinating journey, a really vivid experience. I can’t recommend it enough.





Stamp of the week

Some more of the current-ish UK stamps – I suppose I could look at the Royal Mail site but that would take the fun of going to the post office and asking “for some first class stamps please, the nice ones with pictures on them”.

These are on a ‘postcard’ for an environmental scientist. Just need his address (hint).



I’ve never been to Glastonbury but wanted to walk up to the Tor when I saw it once when travelling to Street in Somerset.