I’m not here. I’m here. 

I’m not here,

I’m here.

Bike slowly rolling down the hill

Watching the yellow changing, golden changing fields

and it’s bales and it’s bright blue cloud dotted backdrop

and it’s stick figures.

I’m smiling at summer’s last swallows

Waving at cats lazing in driveways

Laughing down roads marked ‘unsuitable for motor vehicles’

Eating sandwiches on hilltops, by fence posts, on stiles.

In short – I’m not here.

I’m here.

Bikes make things better.

I’m aware that digging in to the link below could (and should) take up a fair chunk of your time. But if you’re interested in how we can make our everyday lives happier & healthier, our environment safer and cleaner and potentially help our communities and economies grow stronger, the link below is a fascinating read.   For those that don’t have the time, maybe watch one of the two videos below – I found them both incredibly enlightening.


cycling in the snow

I haven’t posted about bikes in ages so now seems like a good time to mention it….

I love bikes and at the moment the particular bike I ride is coming into it’s own. It’s really snowy and cold (and a little bit icy in places). I ride a single speed 29er – a Haro Mary. Having the one gear and big fat tyres on MASSIVE wheels just means you roll along at your own pace, crunching through the snow, riding along the grassy verges when it gets a bit too hairy and genuinely enjoying the ride. You still have to look out for tools in cars but I wouldn’t want to swap the bike for one.