Snow, snow, snow!

I love the snow. I love the snow for many diffrent reasons – personal, artistic, social – I just love the snow! So when I came out of the Corn Exchange in Cambridge this weekend after watching the City of London Sinfonia perform Ralph Vaughan Williams‘ Scott of the Antarctica I was very excited.


The photo above is of Kings College, Cambridge as the snow was falling down. The photo below is of locked bikes outside, the snow piling up agaisnt the wheels.


When we came outside everyone was moving about, pulled up collars and hoods, heads down, glimpsing up a few short seconds at a time, catching the snow in your face. Voices were raised some in dread and some (most) in giddy excitement. Through pub windows you could see people huddle into seats glad to be inside, talking about outside. The journey home was a bit hairy in the snow but, that’s the thing about snow – it changes everything. Each step you take, how you drive, how you see things. It is a leveller.

The following morning we saw this all the more clearly. Dad’s are playing with their children. The light has a new quality to it. Everything sounds different. There are fewer cars. Amongst the new soundscape birds can be heard, more excited voices, the crunchy sound of the snow beneath your feet. Everything you do is new but it’s only there for a short time and then it’s slush and then it’s gone. A memory.

I love the snow.


cycling in the snow

I haven’t posted about bikes in ages so now seems like a good time to mention it….

I love bikes and at the moment the particular bike I ride is coming into it’s own. It’s really snowy and cold (and a little bit icy in places). I ride a single speed 29er – a Haro Mary. Having the one gear and big fat tyres on MASSIVE wheels just means you roll along at your own pace, crunching through the snow, riding along the grassy verges when it gets a bit too hairy and genuinely enjoying the ride. You still have to look out for tools in cars but I wouldn’t want to swap the bike for one.