SLIE 2017 All In

The All In is the last session of the year for the south leicestershire improvisors ensemble, where as many guest performers from previous sessions join in to make one massive ensemble. This was my first time in a while playing in such a large ensemble. The range of instruments and sounds was really quite broad and fascinating to be a part of. There are some pictures here (and some below) taken by Jordan Parker. There is also a bandcamp link to the 2016 All In which you should definitely have a listen to as well.

Improvements not resolutions

Being ‘time poor’ is a popular modern ailment. What makes it more ironic is it comes in an age where no end of devices exist to free up our time and make us more productive but result in us having less time as we fill it with more stuff. This is a particular problem for me – I work full time and have a family. Weekdays are full of those things, so trying to find time to be creative is really difficult. But I sat back and examined how I spend most of my time, I was pretty shocked.

The internet eats up all of my time! And it does it because I let it!!

So, i’ve decided to free up as much time as possible by totally changing my internet habits. A lot of this has come from reading Christine Bougie‘s blog – which you should read because it’s ace. As a full time working musician – one who is working on many things at one time – she need to be super organised and I’ve adopted two of her ideas.

1) No internet in the mornings – this has made my mornings feel way more positive. Believe me the pull of the computer is strong but I just sit down and listen to recordings of Radio 3 or 4 or watch education programs whilst eating my breakfast rather than ‘page flicking’ on a laptop.

2) Only check email messages once a day – Simple as that. Means I’m not constantly picking up my phone to check Twitter, means break times are made of reading books rather than mobile browsing.

3) Set timer for any evening internet use – Set my phone timer for 20 minutes. Not wholly successful so far but I’m spending much less time staring at a screen looking at bikes / listening to drones / you get the picture.

We’ll see how this goes.