A post about recording…

At the begining of the year I boldly attested that I would be doing a whole raft of recording with the view to have something to wave around mid -March. Er….that hasn’t quite happened but it’s not for the want of trying, believe me! Trying to capture what I do live has proved pretty difficult despite theoretically being quite easy to do. I tried a few things….

First I went to the Methodist Church in my village with John Meredith of Make Recordings. It has a fantastic long wooden floored room with loads of ambience. Too much ambience. And the number 85 bus going past. We went tooled up though with a plan but it just didn’t happen on the night.

The whammo Behringer stereo pair of mics sounded ace though.

You can read more about what happened and see photos on John’s blog here

Then I tried some stuff at home. This is trickier than it sounds. The house has to be empty and I have to make sure the neighbours are out. Actually recording is harder still as it involves a mass of tangled wires, mic stands put up in the oddest of placests and singing into a microphone whilst stooping down from a chair combined with my limited skills. And patience. I also have to be able to pack it up and prepare supper for 4 with only five minutes warning. Some of the jazz form this session sounded OK.

Next up I went to what shall remain a nameless studio in North Leicestershire where I paid a premium price for some equipment that was ‘the best you’re gonna get I’m afraid, mate’; a ruined take due to the engineers phone going off and the signal being picked up by EVERYTHING!!! After around and hour and twenty minutes of pissing about we got going and recorded about 40-50 minutes worth of material. At least that’s what I thought but when I got back and checked the takes seems bits of audio were missing…as if somene had knocked the faders down/muted/ generally not paid attention whilst they were monkeying about on Facebook! Which is a shame as some of it sounded pretty good.

So we keep plodding along. I definately think it’s getting closer and I promise I am trying to have something ready soon.

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