Old news

Stumbled upon this again the other day. I made a tape last year and these lovely people wrote about it. Butterfly Polite are a wonderful group, you should give them some of your time.

I thought home taping had already killed music.

This week, for the first time in some years, I bought a new album on tape – Peter Wyeth’s album “Safe, Sweet, Happy Journeys”, and lovely it is too – being as beautiful and delicate as Peter always is, and as hissy as tapes always were.

I thoroughly appreciate the two-fingers-to-the-world attitude implied by the decision to release it on cassette only, but also applaud the (perhaps unintended) effect on the listener. By asking me to go to the extra effort of setting up (or remembering how to use) a tape player, then I am more inclined to sit and listen to it, rather than pop it on passively. Also the short playing time per side means a concentrated listen is not an unreasonable thing to ask of this listener. I have often decried the CD as killing music through nothing other than the format itself encouraging long albums of musical wallpaper to put on whilst you iron. Here Peter Wyeth has said “you shall not iron, you shall try to remember what the ‘NR’ and ‘Type II’ switches on your tape deck do – and once you have worked that out you shall need to have a sit down and a rest. Whilst you are sitting, why not listen to this relaxing music”.

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