The idea of The Editor

Was over at Joshua Van Tassel‘s site the other day where he’d posted an article by Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood talking about the release of ‘In Rainbows‘. It’s a good article about an important event and amongst his recollections about the release of the record and the ideas behind it is an interesting comment about the delivery or discovery of (new) music.

‘I understand that we have become our own broadcasters and distributors, but I miss the editorialisation of music, the curatorial influences of people like John Peel or a good record label’

It seems like a strange idea in an age where music is everywhere but I think this is a really good point. LastFM, I guess, does this a little but can in no way replace the careful selection of stuff that people find exciting and in turn reveal it to you. I know that these things can still exist but to what degree in this day? And is the platform for someone like a Peel or a Creation Records around today for them to develop?

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