In praise of……Robert A.A. Lowe

As I sit down to write this Mr Robert A.A Lowe is about to take the stage at the Nook Cafe at the Fishmarket, Northampton some 40 miles or so down the road. Were I able to be there, I would be. As I’m not, I’m writing this.

I first saw Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe playing bass with 90 Day Men at The Charlotte in Leicester some time in 2002-4. They were unlike any band I’d seen before and he was a most charismatic man on stage. A few years later I saw a picture of him in Dream magazine and an article about his Lichens project. The article fascinated me and I made a note to try and checkout what he was doing. A month or so later, I saw this video on You Tube.

It took my head off. I sat there in complete shock. Amazed. He seemed to hint at the possibilties of where music can go when you just close your eyes and let it. Something that happens when you listen. Something I’ve been trying to do for years. It was an inspiration. It could be done.

I got the chance to see him play and chat to him the following year. He was so polite and nice, a real pleasure to talk with and friendly to everyone. He has a lovely smile.

Heres to Robert A.A. Lowe. To Lichens. To the beautiful spirit. Mistakeisms and letting go.

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