Using Multitrack DAW

I got Multitrack DAW by Harmonic Dog to trial out on my daughter’s ipod and my partner’s iphone. Hadn’t used it much until last weekend and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on it.

Before I do that it’s worth me pointing out something –
I don’t like using computers to record or make music. I find the mouse and screen apporoach to creating things really counter intuitive – I like faders, knobs and buttons. Consequently I’ve been very excited at where touchscreen technology is leading us. The above software was my first attempt at using it.

Didn’t really pay much attention to the (excellent) onboard manual, just kind of pressed record and went for it. It’s so easy to use. Everything does what you think it would do and the touchscreen makes thing so simple. Cutting, copying and moving was pretty straight forward. The metronome worked well – could do with a seperate volume control I think. Mixing was just a case of pressing a buton marked share and selecting an option for file type and destination – to device or to Soundcloud . You don’t move levels when doing this, it’s just a straight mixdown/export.

Mixing is maybe where it’s limitations come to play. There’s no way to fade in or fade out tracks only cut and move so you do miss a bit of finesse there but other than that I didn’t feel there was anything that would prevent me doing what I would normally do with a 4/8 track. Screen size on the iphone was a little tough to use when scrolling through 8 tracks but I was listening rather than watching and as the levels can’t be moved on mixdown (hence the need for fade outs) it wasn’t that much of an issue.

There’s still the need to get a quality signal into the iOS device in the first place and the lack of a stereo interface for the iphone is a problem at the moment but I can’t see that being an issue for long. The ipad can already do stereo via some ancillary devices – such as this. Using the mic on the iphone to record with didn’t bother me at all – it works and it got the idea out which is way more important – as I said before I’m very happy with how this turned out. Gavin from the ace worridaboutsatan recorded me on his iphone at the Y show last year to give you an example of it’s sound quality in a different setting – worriedaboutsatan’s record box.

If you’ve got an iphone, i’d would recommend you spend £5.99 ( £5.99!!?!!) on it. You could make Pet Sounds on a phone you carry around in your pocket. Which is mental.

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