Hunstanton – some pictures, some sound

Hunstanton is a small seaside town along the north edge of the county of Norfolk (though I think it’s under King’s Lynn and West Norfolk council). It’s sort of split in two halves referred to as Old Hunstanton and New Hunstanton. This post is about New Hunstanton.

It’s a proper British seasidey town – there’s a lot less of the delis and art galleries you see in other North Norfolk towns. It has a traditional sea front that doesn’t seem to have the money lavished on it that Cromer has.

It often feels as if it’s stuck in a particular time or, rather, a particular time in my memory. Here are some photos I took whilst I was there and a recording of Thomas’s Bingo – an amusement arcade and bingo hall on the seafront.





It also has a Sea Life Centre – an excellent way of entertaining children!


1 thought on “Hunstanton – some pictures, some sound”

  1. Hunstanton is indeed under the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, however it is a separate entity to Old Hunstanton, which was the original settlement. When the fad of Sea Bathing and holidays by the sea started in Victorian times, Henry Styleman Le Strange (the land owner of the area and Lord High Admiral of the Wash) decided to construct a new town so his beloved village remained safe from the holidaying hordes,

    The town started with the building of the New Inn (now commonly known as The Golden Lion), overlooking the sea. Development work continued which is why much of Hunstanton is on a grid based system when viewed from above. The town got the railway in the late 1800s and development continued apace with the advent of Caravans (Searles). The funfair was established along with the pier and things were going swimmingly.

    However in the late 1950s the wheels started to come off the wagon and in the 1960s major amenities such as the Blue Lagoon swimming pool were shut and in 1969 the railway was closed down.

    Interestingly the site for the first proposed Butlin’s resort was Hunstanton!

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