‘keep hoping machine running’

Nearly a year ago to the day I posted about my New Years Improvements, my own attempt to get myself organised (inspired by the ever fantastic Christine Bougie). Whilst not immediately successful in it’s implementation, it did make me examine how I organise my time – which was both distressing and rewarding – which definitely helped me accomplish some tasks I never seem to finish, like, er, recording stuff!

The publication of Woody Guthrie’s resolutions list (I read about it courtesy of the awesome Brain Pickings site), which I saw sometime in December, made me ponder about the whole idea again. His list seems so humble and yet so inspiring. These little things that make such a big difference, sometimes even just thinking about them….

Learn people better…..Read lots good books…Keep hoping machine running

I had a look at a few of the people who’s blogs I follow to see what they’re upto this year and felt the same ways about theirs too – please go to Crafty Fox and to There are always flowers for more inspiration.

As for me, I’m not going to be as bold as to print out what I would like to achieve this year. There’ll be ore streamlining, for sure, but it will all be to live and experience more.

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