This week I got back to working on the last project I started in 2011 – checking what work I’d done and working out where to go next. This lead to a couple of discoveries, some positive and some not so.

The bulk of the recording I’ve done so far is bang on track and I’m really happy with it, I’ve still a lot more to do though. Part if which lead me to put a shout out on Twitter to find somewhere to record ‘a song’ – the shout came good and an offer to record some singing and guitaring should hopefully spur the next phase on.

In the course of going through the work I’d done though, I again discovered how unattached I feel when working with digital files. It doesn’t matter how you title each file, I find it really hard to go beyond looking at a screen and a waveform and actually listen to the recording. With tape and minidisc I seem to identify the object with the particular experience and then zone out to what it’s playing. With digital – it’s a screen, it’s work.

There must be a knack to doing it – a separation perhaps? – but I’ve no idea how it’s done!


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