Playing. In a library.

So last week I played a gig at Leicester Central Library with Her Name is Calla. I was majorly excited about this gig because, well, it’s in a library!! I have another reason too. This library used to be known as the Leicester Reference Library and it used to be the library I would go to when I was doing my A-levels some time in a different century (the 1980’s to be a little more precise). My school was in the city centre of Leicester and this was the best placed to go to. I have strong memories of being holed up there with books trying to fit the words and the meanings in my head. Like many towns and cities much of Leicester and Leicestershire’s library services have been downsized and/or amalgamated with other services, a consequence of local authority cuts and a change in how people access information.

For me, it was a massive privilege to be offered the opportunity and the time and the space to play in a place that is, essentially, a repository of information and ideas. I felt really lucky.

Photos by David Wilson Clarke. Video below by Real Spleen

'Ghost ending' amongst some books

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