When I think about it, I’m sure I knew that dusk is a great time to go out for a walk, to look around you. I can recall quite readily walking at this time in rural Kent, gazing across the fields. I have plenty of memories of walking at dusk in Norfolk – going out across the marshes to record the birds; sitting on the jetty watching the tide come in and the channel swell as the sun disappears in Wells next the Sea. I’m just not sure I ever noticed it where I live until this week. I was walking up to the school. The sky was doing that subtle shift in colours where, looking up and then down, it goes from a deep blue to this indescribable orangey-browney-yellowy sunset that you know will soon be gone. All the trees on the horizon stark and black then barely visible at all. The shining silver of Jupiter slowly becomes brighter. Then, the sky becomes night.

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