Gig envy

Lucy Stevens is a East Midlands based ( I think ) audio and visual artist whose work looks at the relationships between the human world and the natural world. I’ve followed her work for a bit and found ‘the pigeon stuff‘ a really interesting – turning the mundane and everyday into something special. Her latest residency though looks amazing and is sooooo my dream gig.




For her latest project, Lucy is going to Ricklundgården, in Southern Lapland to create recordings, drawing and digital prints of birdsong. Yep, she gets to sit in idyllic beauty listening to birds and nature and drawing all day. Like I say, MASSIVE GIG ENVY. Am really looking forward to see what comes of this and also reading about the work in progress via the blog she has especially set up for it here – Drawing Birdsong

2 thoughts on “Gig envy”

  1. Hey Peter thanks for the post and yes I am very lucky to be able to go and draw the sounds of birds in Southern Lapland! I saw you play a gig at TAO about 2 years ago with a loop pedal and your mobile phone- was blown away! Maybe a collaboration is in the pipeline some time?

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