I used to play in a band / love and loss

I used to be in a band. Last month the drummer of that band, a Mr James Disney, died. He was only 40. Together we enjoyed those special moments of intensity that come from playing music you only understand if you’re in a band playing music. We did a record which everyone who was involved with still feels very proud of to this day. As a tribute to him, we’ve made the record available to download for free on Bandcamp with the wish that the £5 you’d normally pay you give to charity instead.


The Jim Disney_NEW

The Jim Disney.
Jim ‘Jimothy’ Disney.
Jim ‘Binman-come-Wino’ Disney.
Jim ‘If I was related to Walt Disney, do you think I’d be sitting in your shithole of a studio’ Disney.
Jim ‘ We’d pissed off the top of the Holiday Inn car park as a sign of youthful defiance’ Disney.

Sweaty hugs in the back of pubs, bearded kisses. Lock ins and flaming sambucas.
Transcending everyday life beating skins and hitting strings, moving molecules of air and creating something indescribably life affirming and wondrous and magical twice a week for 2 and half hours at a time. Unless you were outstaying your visa in a foreign country, shifting road machinery across the midlands or just sleeping it off.

Regretfully, I am unable to mope about it all at present because I have nothing but fantastic memories of you.
And I always will.

4 thoughts on “I used to play in a band / love and loss”

  1. Thanks for this Pete. My copy of the Kookaburra cd was scratched beyond playing years ago. I never was very good at looking after cd’s but I’ve had many of the tunes playing around in my head the past few weeks x

  2. I was lucky enough to be at the last Kookaburra gig and lucky enough to have created music with Jim myself. Good times x

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