Anxiety. A nothingness.

General unease, a sense of fear coupled with an end of term feeling.

Half hour queues around a car park trying to make/not make eye contact with ourselves, to stare at empty shelves and wonder what next.

“What did you do in lockdown, Daddy?”
I worked. Everyday. Adding to the ever growing pile of pointlessness whilst trying to provide.

The air of uncertainty about you then somewhere else, lost in the rhythm of the day, then back again, cycling over near empty motorways.

And in quiet moments, the sound of  birds breaking up the flow of thoughts, cooking, eyes following the light, the shadows. Just another trip around the sun, all of us just clinging on.

11 2019

I really miss singing sometimes. I don’t miss the listening back, the (often) feeling of worthlessness of it all ; the difference between the feeling as you sang, the imagination of what it was and what it now is.

But I still do it all the same.

09 2019

Early September myself and Lee Allatson played out as a duo again. This time we tried a more song orientated approach leaving large spaces to fill out the room space as we found it. Above is one those moments.

I was hesitant to include my nervous spoken ramblings but decided to share any way. It’s not something I often do and it’s easy to be critical after the fact but then and there, when you are trying to think about it, the words just come out so. It was a great evening all round.

Please do check out some of Lee’s other work including the incredible Ka Safar