For Slapton Woods – Peter Meets Lucy

I have written about Lucy Stevens before ( gig envy! ) and have followed her work since I first found out about it. Despite living near-ish to one another we had never met. Then at the Her Name is Calla 10 year anniversary shows I asked the ever wonderful David Wilson Clarke if he knew her and he said ‘ Yes, would you like to meet her? She’s over there!’

A conversation took place and an idea was suggested and I went away to work on it but nothing I tried seem to work……… until a year and a bit later when something clicked and fell into place. And I’ve been keeping it to myself. I’ve been looking (listening) to it every two weeks or so to see if it’s still there and every time it catches me by surprise.

I like it very much and feel sufficiently bold enough to share it with you. Press play and drift off somewhere else. I hope you enjoy it.

The original field recording of Lucy’s is here –

The unedited version of my bit is here –



What suprised me most was the sudden change of colour. Before I reached the edge of the field it was a rectangle of pale yellow, shining in the hazy sun. After I crossed the road, squeezed beside the bus shelter and the hedge, it had changed.

Now there were rows of green grass in between rows of yellow – yellow that now looked dirty, drab. The green looked new, fresh even but that could have just been my surprise. I took a few photos as the combine swung around to do another row and then got the recorder out.

The recording starts as the combine makes it’s way to the end of the field then returns up to the top where I was standing. You get to hear the traffic as it travels along the road behind me then as the combine returns, I turn around and capture the tractor and trailer coming back to collect the harvested grain.