unfurling morning / untethered afternoon

It’s been a difficult week or so. My ears have been ringing worse than I can ever remember. I’ve been doing a lot of recording and very little of what’s been making it to tape has appealed to my ears.

On sunday morning I took my partners iphone outside to record the bird song – I could hear that thrush again – a thin squiggle of audio drew itself on the touchscreen. Later on I sat on the bed with my daughter’s guitar, the iphone on my lap, listened to the birdsong and started to play. Our cat climbed up on the bed and purred. I listen back to the sounds and pressed the icon marked ‘share’.

I’ll gladly sacrifice sonic quality to get within a quarter’s touching distance of getting what’s going on inside of me outside and I feel this does that. I’m going to make a little film for this song. It’ll just be for me. It’ll be my children spinning round and round in the garden, rolling on the grass.

Enjoy it. Share it with your friends. Thank you for listening.


[I’ll probably write later on about using multitrack DAW to record this as it was a valuable experience]

The phrase ‘untethered afternoon’ comes from an A.E. Stallings poem.

So long, Josie Long / Hello songbird

The past few mornings I’ve had a set routine. I get up around 0550, feed the cat, make porridge and coffee and then sit down to listen to Josie Long’s All of the Planet’s Wonders, which I taped when it was repeated over Christmas.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – not just the funny bits or the insightful bits but the delivery as well. There is a real soft edge to her voice that’s really pleasing to the ear. I particularly like the fact that inspiration for one episode struck in an attic B&B in my home town of Leicester. I wonder where it was, what the view was like, would I recognise it too? (A quick search on Google can send you to many a link to the series for you to listen to too).

I’m going to miss this quiet time. It’s helped remind me of the intimacy of radio. I do intend to write about the radio at some point as it has had a huge influential effect on my life and how I interact act with sound (and other media) that I’ve only begun to realise over the past 5 years. So, thank you, Josie Long, it’s been a pleasure.

But as one thing finishes something else is beginning. I’ve noticed all this week the morning chorus of birds gradually gettng earlier and earlier. As each episode of the above finished I could slowly start to hear the morning unfold outside. True to form a thrush of some sort (it’s either a Mistle Thrush or a Song Thrush) has been calling out, it’s voice central, on top of the all the other sounds. It makes me very happy.

(Warning – there is a lot of mic rumble in the above recording as I didn’t have a windshield on the H4n)