‘it’s not really a remix though, is it?’

Last weekend I attempted to do some remixing of some sound files ( ‘stems’ I believe they call them) from the upcoming We Are Altered record. John M of the band had sent me some of the files, I downloaded them onto my phone and went from there.

Now I know most folk would pop them into their computer and start bouncing around ideas from there but I don’t like working with computers and I have’t got any of the software for that kind of jazz anyway. Nope, my kit list was as follows –

into this

into this

and that’s it.

I listened through to the files and waited to see what caught my attention. Two samples immediately leapt out at me and I basically used those as the basis for my ideas. The first idea came out terrible – trying to pretend your The Neptunes using a mobile phone as a sample player is never going to work. It was awful. The second track (Resigned ARP) faired a bit better – not a lot happens in it but I like it all the same.

Check out more of the remixes here – http://soundcloud.com/groups/we-are-altered-remixes/tracks

Have a go at remixing with the stems here – http://makerecordings.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/remix-we-are-altered/

The record will be coming out on cassette and download on the ever lovely make recordings soon.

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