For Slapton Woods – Peter Meets Lucy

I have written about Lucy Stevens before ( gig envy! ) and have followed her work since I first found out about it. Despite living near-ish to one another we had never met. Then at the Her Name is Calla 10 year anniversary shows I asked the ever wonderful David Wilson Clarke if he knew her and he said ‘ Yes, would you like to meet her? She’s over there!’

A conversation took place and an idea was suggested and I went away to work on it but nothing I tried seem to work……… until a year and a bit later when something clicked and fell into place. And I’ve been keeping it to myself. I’ve been looking (listening) to it every two weeks or so to see if it’s still there and every time it catches me by surprise.

I like it very much and feel sufficiently bold enough to share it with you. Press play and drift off somewhere else. I hope you enjoy it.

The original field recording of Lucy’s is here –

The unedited version of my bit is here –


Outtakes and updates

So, somewhere in the middle of April I decided to start three projects with the intention of getting them done for summer (now reads the end of summer). Of those three projects one is now complete, the second has begun (with a finished track, as I write this) and the third has has some ideas bashed about ( I need a piano, can some get me a piano please?)

Of the one finished article, I’m not sure what to do with it yet, I should have some idea by the weekend on how I make it available and stuff. It’s around twenty minutes long and is made up of edited down improvisations of the song ‘Spring’, which if you’ve seen me play live is also known as ‘the birdy song’. Over the past two years this songs has developed into a near 40 minute exploration of different strands of the song. I’m happy with how it’s all come out and some of it really captures the ‘letting the mind wander’ aspects of my work. I hope to share it with you soon.

In the meantime, please find below some of the sounds that didn’t make it but I didn’t want to erase.

‘it’s not really a remix though, is it?’

Last weekend I attempted to do some remixing of some sound files ( ‘stems’ I believe they call them) from the upcoming We Are Altered record. John M of the band had sent me some of the files, I downloaded them onto my phone and went from there.

Now I know most folk would pop them into their computer and start bouncing around ideas from there but I don’t like working with computers and I have’t got any of the software for that kind of jazz anyway. Nope, my kit list was as follows –

into this

into this

and that’s it.

I listened through to the files and waited to see what caught my attention. Two samples immediately leapt out at me and I basically used those as the basis for my ideas. The first idea came out terrible – trying to pretend your The Neptunes using a mobile phone as a sample player is never going to work. It was awful. The second track (Resigned ARP) faired a bit better – not a lot happens in it but I like it all the same.

Check out more of the remixes here –

Have a go at remixing with the stems here –

The record will be coming out on cassette and download on the ever lovely make recordings soon.